Republican ideals are centered on the strength of our faith, belief that government should not overstep its bounds, conservative use of our resources, and respect for those who serve us at home and abroad. Halfway into his term, voters should feel betrayed by how Scott Herndon has represented them in the statehouse.

Here are examples of how Scott Herndon has failed North Idaho and Republicans in the Idaho State Senate:


In Idaho, we Back the Blue, respect our first responders, maintain the integrity of our judicial system, and honor our military. These values help keep Idaho communities safe, and our families strong. Herndon chose to ignore the needs of the honorable men and women serving our State by voting “No” on:

  • Supporting a secure Southern border (SJM 101) [2023]
  • Funding the Idaho State Police (H359) [2023]
  • 2nd Amendment protections for Idaho citizens (S1173) [2023]
  • Funding Veteran Services (S1150) [2023]
  • Funding cost of living adjustment for judges (H348) [2023)
  • Funding the Idaho Department of Corrections (H351) [2023]
  • Funding the Idaho Juvenile Corrections (H282) [2023]
  • Funding our Supreme Court and judicial system (S1168) [2023]
  • Funding school safety measures (H222, S1202) [2023]
  • Tools to prevent access by minors to harmful materials via cell phone (S1163) [2023]


Herndon rejected growth opportunities for Idaho students, and limited the education choices for parents, violating his Idaho Constitutional pledge to “maintain a general, uniform, and thorough system of public, free common schools”:

  • He voted against nearly all education budgets (H208, S1202, S1204, S1206, S1207, S1209) [2023]
  • He opposed school choice opportunities and charter schools (S1206, S1202) [2023]
  • Opposed school choice extended learner program (S1015) [2023]
  • He attempted to divert $45 million from public education tax dollars to a new program that lacks accountability (S1038) [2023]
  • Opposed funding Idaho colleges and universities (S1176) [2023]
  • He opposed funding Career Technical Education for Idaho children (H363, H364) [2023]
  • Opposed workforce development & LAUNCH (S1167, H024) [2023]
  • Opposed career readiness opportunities for our students (H267) [2023]


Access to healthcare in North Idaho is an increasing and urgent need.  Herndon has turned a blind eye to the correlation of his abortion abolition efforts and the current crisis we face in Bonner and Boundary County.  We need the ability to recruit and retain qualified medical professionals.  Herndon OPPOSED funding for:

  • Interstate collaborative programs for medical and dental education programs (S1147) [2023]
  • Rural nurse incentive programs (H213, H356) [2023]


As Idahoans, we value connection with our friends, family and neighbors and the vitality it creates in our communities.  Herndon does not share our neighborly values and voted “No” on:

  • Funding for the aging, blind, and developmentally disabled (S1134, S1138, S1171) [2023]
  • Funding for our U of I Agricultural Center (H336) [2023]
  • Funding for Parks and Recreation (H319, S1196) [2023]
  • Funding for Libraries, Arts and History (H344, S1169, S1170) [2023]
  • Funding Idaho’s Hispanic Affairs Commission (S1178) [2023]
  • Funding a Veterans Home in Idaho (S1150) [2023]


North Idahoans value the beauty of our lakes, mountains, forests and clean air.  We cherish our outdoor recreational opportunities and value the protection of our wildlife while still having the opportunity to hunt and fish in a well-managed area.   Herndon voted “No” on:

  • Funding for Fish and Game (H304) [2023]
  • Funding for Species Conservation (S1133) [2023]
  • Legislation to protect wintering big game (S1143) [2023]
  • Funding for soil and water conservation (H352) [2023]
  • Funding for protecting water rights and water quality (H361, S1181) [2023]
  • Funding for our lands and our environmental quality (S1174, S1183) [2023]
  • Funding for fire mitigation and suppression, including the Northern Idaho Booster Crew (S1117, S1211) [2023]
  • Legislation to protect endowment lands (S1049) [2023]


Idaho’s infrastructure is critical to moving Idaho’s services and commodities and is a key to our healthy economy. Safe and well-functioning transportation and communication systems enhance the quality of life we enjoy. Herndon does not share these beliefs and consistently voted “No” on Idaho’s infrastructure bills.

  • Idaho Broadband, which would reduce the gap in opportunities for rural Idaho families (S1129, S1159) [2023]
  • Bridges, highways, airports and aviation safety (S1189, H354) [2023]
  • Strategic Transportation Initiative program (H132) [2023]
  • Opposed funding for modernizing water delivery systems and wastewater infrastructure grants (H361)[2023]


Idahoans value a light hand of government, a low tax burden, and protection in financial transactions. Herndon opposed opportunities to provide income tax relief for Idaho families and transparency on common real estate transactions.

  • Voted no on Income tax reduction for Idaho parents (H288) [2023]
  • Opposed legislation for increased transparency on property tax assessments (H51) [2023]
  • Opposed homeowner protection of deceptive real estate transactions (H238) [2023]


Idaho agriculture remains a cornerstone of our State’s economy. Herndon talks of a family connection to the dairy industry but has shown he neither understands nor supports the needs of Idaho farmers and ranchers. His voting record shows this:

  • Opposed Ag research (H336) [2023]
  • Opposed controlling noxious weeds (H094) [2023]
  • Opposed funding the Department of Water Resources (H361, S1181) [2023]
  • Opposed funding the Soil and Water Conservation Commission (H352) [2023]

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